Software and Website Development

We specialise in tailoring websites for our clients and their needs. We hand code every project from start to finish, no WordPress, no templates; all by hand.

This means we have the ability to ensure our clients and partners happiness with the final project; as we know the code base and how it works. This also means that we have a development edge over other developers in the market, as we can, and have created really complex code, specifically tailored for our clients. A few things we've done in the past, email and text customers when they sign up, custom 2FA systems, full eCommerce websites with admin panels for owners - including the ability to change images and text on the website aswell as managing employees and customers alike.

Development Operations

Hexploits also ensures smaller clients can grow with ease, ensuring all clients have the opportunity to have load balanced and auto-deploying servers to accommodate any user load. This means easier scalability and long-term success as we use scalable networks and dedicated hosting for every project.


We offer free low level SEO and SEM for every project, ensuring you will be found by large search engines like Google and Bing. This means you can grow faster, be found easier and be ranked higer on search engines.

Cyber Security

We keep security a priority in all of our projects, ensuring databases, websites, APIs and more are all secure from attackers. This includes abiding to GDPR and encrypting sensitive data.

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