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Fast website development for small to medium sized businesses.

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Our team of developers range from design experts to highly experienced programmers, so no matter the project; you can trust in us.

Fast and Precise

Development with Hexploits is fast and precise, ensuring we create the highest level of quality in short amounts of time - allowing you to go online in up to 2days!*

Tailored for You

Our team of developers will tailor your website for exactly what you are looking for - ensuring we are hitting all requirements of the specification.


Hexploits also keeps security as a top priority on all projects, so you can rest assured that your next project is secure and safe for all your customers.


While developing your website we go above and beyond to make sure you know what is happening with your project; providing daily / weekly / monthly updates based on your project.

Grow your Business

Our website development has helped many startups, small business and medium sized bussiness to grow via our professional and modern designs.

Client Reviews

Alex Miklas

January 15, 2019

As a small business I wasn't expecting much, however once I got into contact with one of the web developers, it was obvious that Hexploits and their employees care about their work and are willing to deliver as good a website as possible. All in all I would recommend them to any business who needs a new website as you won't be disappointed.

by Alex Miklas

Anton Belgrave

April 09, 2019

I heard about Hexploits from a friend and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Their punctuality was second to none, each deadline was met on time or even earlier, and the website they provided was above and beyond what we had initially wanted, the ingenuity they showcase is commendable and I couldn't recommend their services more.

by Anton Belgrave

Valentino Aguiar

May 24, 2019

My experience with Hexploits shows it is a wonderful organisation, the cyber security expertise is unrivaled as it comes directly from the mind of a brilliant cyber security graduate. They are very punctual in their services which was surprising due to the size of their team. Their Web Hosting service is brilliant and the server is very responsive and easy to use.

by Valentino Aguiar

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We price each project independently as some projects are easier and less time consuming than others. The easiest way of finding an estimated price for your website is to send us a requirements form and / or a few websites you would like it to look like. We offer free consultations if you are still on the fence - feel free to email or call us with the details provided above.