Why Hexploits?

When you register and create a new project with us we immediately notify all related developers for your sector. We internally vet interested staff and freelancers to ensure you have the right members for the job, while also being flexible on pricing and team size. This allows us to guarantee you are getting the best end product for the best price.

Flexibility and Speed

Hexploits manages all the hard work, no more emailing, no more attaching files; everything can be done via the website. Simply sign-up and start a new project, we take a few details and we immediately start looking for free employees and freelancers to help work on your project.

Full Integration

Hexploits is fully integrated into Discord, Email and SMS - ensuring you as the client will always have the latest information about your project. We can even email you for every change a developer makes to you project, including name, time and the changes made.


Why stress about emails, texts and more? The Hexploits platform manages all the stress for you, upload files, have live chats and even receive the most up to date files via the platform, no need attach files ever again.

Want to know more?

Book a Free Consultation Today, Its simple! Sign up as a client and simply click the 'Book a Consultation' button. Its free, fast and versatile. We can contact you via email, phone, text, discord, skype and more!